About me.

Hallo and welcome to my blog. I added this post about a year ago and thought I ought to amend it slightly. If you thought you would find more personal info about me then, sorry.

I like to preserve my anonymity for a number of reasons. Firstly, many of you know who I am anyway. Those who don’t: does providing you with my name really make me less anonymous? I think not.

Secondly, it allows me to put forward my own views without any confusion that they are MY views and not those of my employees etc. It means that searching google will not come up with my name, saving the possibility of any unwanted attention.

I trust that those of you who have come to know me recognise that I do not abuse this anonymity to make personal attacks. I am a great believer of “politeness” across social media: I enjoy a good argument but ones based on ideas not ad hominem attacks.

Thirdly, I’d say: read what I write to get to know me:

You can follow me on twitter as  @overhere1 where I tweet on everything and nothing. You can see my latest tweets on the right.

You can follow me on twitter as @overhere3 but only if you want to hear my latest thoughts on the mighty Rams (Derby County Football Club).

You can follow me on tumblr where I tumble too long to tweet but, hey, no big deal. You will also find on my tumblr site short blogs and pictures I have stumbled upon.

You can find out what I am listening to on my blip.fm station.

You can find my latest posts (on the right)  or stroll through the categories above to see what I have said on various topics.

You can browse through my photo album by clicking on flickr.

I would really like you to comment, if my thoughts and opinions rouse you to do so.

Keep looking and stay safe.

3 responses to “About me.”

  1. botts says :

    Nice shoes paddio. Tweet Michaela xxxx

  2. overhere1 says :

    Glad you like them. How did you find me out here?

  3. botts says :

    Sarah still likes your shoes! X

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