Fishing in the Freezer.

Now the kids have left home, we tend to cook more than we need and freeze the rest. What we don’t tend to do is label the stuff. Each time we are convinced that we will know what it is when the time comes. Each time we are often wrong.

As there is only me to cater for over the next few days I will fish something out of the freezer, watch it defrost, reveal its true nature and adapt accordingly. I will let you know the results!

In the meantime, if you have any joyous or disastrous stories of fishing in the freezer, do share!

31/07  First fishing in the freezer has revealed sausages and green lentils in a tomato sauce. Sounds good to me.

I reheated the sauce in a pan, adding some left over white wine from the fridge. Sliced and parboiled a large potato dug up this morning. Drain and salt then gently tossed in with some cooking chorizo. Put the sauce in oven proof dish, added chorizo then topped this with the sliced potatoes. Bit of butter and parmesan on the top, shove in the oven until ready.

Good bit of freezer fishing.


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