Postcard from Anstruther (2)

Tuesday saw the goats (our affectionate term for grown up kids) back to their various places of learning. And left us with the weather. Grey, cold and windy. An afternoon of sitting, reading in front of an open fire perhaps. But when we got back to base we realised that there was some dramatic weather taking place:

That’s our top floor flat behind those waves….. We then walked out to the harbour in Anstruther and, well, just enjoyed the sea …

This is some of the debris, lifted onto the main road in Anstruther:

And the lifeboat went out for some training..

Woke up on Wednesday to find all signs of turbulence gone. After breakfast we retraced our step from Anstruther to Pittenweem but continued onto Elie. This is the 3rd year we have done this walk and it never gets boring. I took fewer pictures this year but may go back and do a compare and contrast. The weather this year was mild, with little wind and plenty of sunshine:

(That’s the Isle of May in the distance. One year we will have to come in the summer so that we can go and visit…)

Our destination was always going to be the Ship Inn in Elie. 2yrs ago we had starters as a snack and thoroughly enjoyed it. Last year we had a main meal and it felt overpriced/disappointing. This year we satisfied ourselves with sitting outside:

overlooking Elie harbour. In the Summer, they have bbqs here with cricket on the beach….

I had my #fdotd, then my second and third…… (buses back are only hourly so, well, we went with the flow…

It was either the walk, or the extended sitting at the pub, which caused my partner H to develop backache. Either way, plan A for Thursday- a bus and walk into St. Andrews (walk +/- 8 miles)  wasn’t going to happen. A test of a good holiday- particularly in the UK- is whether you adapt to the circumstances or whether you sulk and argue because you can’t do your planned expedition. We chose the former.

Into the car to St. Andrews to meet son G for lunch but via Gillingshill Reservoir… As weee got out of the car, the first thing that met us was the sound of geese.:

Lots of them, apparently inhabiting this field.

The reservoir- no longer used as a supply of mains water – feeds from, and then into, the Dreel

– the river that flows into the sea at Anstruther and gives its name to my favourite pub in Anstruther.

The wetlands round the reservoir makes for a pleasant walk and I can imagine, on a hot summer’s day, retiring there for a picnic… The reservoir is unspectacular but peaceful and calm:

You can’t walk round the actual reservoir, as this is a nature reserve, though the swan here today seemed in want of human contact….

Back in Anstruther and it is back out to the pub, the Bank . We sit outside and watch the sun go down over the sea and churchyard:

Back home for venison steak with local veg from Ardross farm shop …… Good night!

(finishing off the evening with some Bitter and Twisted.)

Yes, I know it’s out of focus… Oh… Goodnight folks!


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