Postcard from Anstruther (3)

Well I have just come back from a pub in Anstruther where I finally had a wee dram. In my tourist/ideal mind, this pub should have been heaving, with a folk singer or two singing sea shanties and much whisky being drunk. Instead, there were 5 others there, 2 drinking Fosters and 3 drinking something mixed with cans of coke. Entertainment was Derren Brown, Remote Control on the TV. Entertainment? What was that show about? ….

Had a great meal on the other hand at the Dreel a proper pub with great food….

Our aim today was to walk from Anstruther to Kingsbarns along the coastal path and get back by bus. The path from Anstruther to Crail was familiar from previous trips but, as I have said before, these walks along the coast offer new perspectives each time. The weather was sunny and only a breeze.

You can’t walk along here without saluting the free-range pig farm on the way:

Further along, I think this cow was posing:

Onwards towards Crail. it’s a rugged coastline, and the rocks often look like remnanats of ancient buildings..

Rocks and caves seem to emerge from the ground, proudly standing there against the odds.

I have said before in other posts, I find it fascinating that our rural and coastal walks show us an industrial past, when the places we pass used to be busier. Who lived here and why?

Onto Crail, the harbour built by Dutch women…

We sit outside the lobster shop (shut for the winter) to eat our sarnies before moving on.

The next stage of the walk takes us through a municipal area, through a caravan site and then along golf courses.

The coast line changes as does the rock and you know you are looking at open sea, as opposed to the Firth of Forth.

The coastal path becomes increasingly eroded and the relationship between golfers and walkers becomes more tested. A friendly golfer warns us that the path gets tricky but doable and we continue onwards. Then we hit this sign:

Livestock was not the problem. The problem was we could not walk along the beach as it wasn’t there and we had no idea how long it would take for the tide to recede.

A long walk back retracing our steps, cutting across the golf course and back into Crail. Oh well

These comorants looked happy however…

More to say, on another day….




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