Connecting Derby.

This is what I wrote last night-

[this is a shortened version of the post I wrote then lost.]

Flashmob in support of Deda 100 Great! Why didn’t I know about it?

Only Connect.

@dedaderby: Will you be there on #nov30 to support the teaerchs who educate your performers?

Only Connect.

@derbyquad. Will you support the workers who attend your cinema, whose archive of their history you hold?

Only Connect.

Will you, those “creative people” who promote the wonders of our city, support the retired workers, those injured by the industries you support, from the cuts to benefits and care homes. and cateres

Only Conneect.

Will those of you who support #Bombardier recognise that we need to develop teachers who will inspire the next generation to innovate and create (and that we need caretakers and cleaners and caterers to make those teacher’s work possible)

Only Connect.

Will the various political parties and action groups put their ideological differences aside and get together on what they can agree.

Only Connect

Can you all prove my cynicism wrong?

Let’s all get in #derbyuk on #30th November to show our solidarity against the cuts and FOR a dynamic, inclusive Derby.

Tonight I have been involved in a long conservation whereby  a supporter of deda has suggested that #derbyuk should ditch plans for a velodrome in order to continue funding for Deda.

Now it is usually funding bodies who initiate this false dichotomy in order to divide and rule. It is very disappointing to see this happening within the ranks especially when it has not been provoked. The council just need to sit and watch as we fight over who is more deserving.

Now I am excited about #derbyuk having a velodrome. Cycling is on the up, we have highly skilled small business involved in making bikes locally as well as some great bmx artists. To suggest- as my correspondent did- that we would be building a cycle track is like saying, well, that deda is just a dance school.

And it isn’t. Deda, like the Quad, is a centre of excellence that combines attracting big names and quality performances, with providing good quality resources for young and old in #derbyuk and the region. Personally, I believe a velodrome could have the same effect.

Part of my concern- as ever- is that too many people live in their little cultural/political bubble. The definition of culture is tricky, but surely, in Derby, it includes beer, pubs and football. Cycling and walking. etc. Some seem to have taken some sort of moral highground: I hate the use of “creative” as a noun not an adjective.

We can all be creative given the opportunity and that is what Quad, Deda and many other groups in Derby do- allow people to be creative.

I would argue that a velodrome would do the same. So do some of the care homes that are being cut. So are the schools whose budgets are being cut.

Over the last few years, Derby has become a thriving city with the  barriers slowly coming down. I was not alone in spending my derbyfeste Saturday with a drink at a real ale pub, going to the match at PP then walking into town to follow the parade. The march in support of Bombardier had the same feeling; solidarity and pride.

Fighting for our own little project will get us nowhere. Arguing amongst ourselves will get us nowhere.Divisions between people working in the creative arts and  metalbashing will get us nowhere. We each need each other.

Only connect, #connectderby.

November 30th #nov30 gives us an opportunity to show solidarity and demonstrate our unified opposition to the cuts. It would be great if we could add a celebration of all that Derby does best.

10.00 am onwards, by the silkmill. Be creative, be there. Yes against the pension cuts but FOR a dynamic Derby!


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2 responses to “Connecting Derby.”

  1. Stephen Coley says :

    I think the essence of your Twitter discussion boiled down to this (and it’ll be nice to type in more than 140 characters!!!)…

    If cuts are going to happen (and they most surely are), then what is the logic of removing the funding from existing arts venues & organisations, only to spend millions on a new Veledrome?

    Surely you can see why this would irk people?

    If you’re about to lose your job as a result of the cuts, how pleased would you be to see a shiny new Veledrome in the city?

    And yes, I agree that the Veledrome would benefit the city in more ways than simply providing a cycle-track, but losing what the city already has will be devastating. Derby was a cultural wasteland for years, but it’s slowly built it’s self into a lively city for culture. If anything the city needs to continue to grow. We need to attract more music into the city, the art gallery could do with a big revamp, as could the theatre. And yes, you could argue the case for the Veledrome here as well, but why push for something we haven’t got, at the expense of things that we’re desperate to keep hold of?

    I agree that we should all campaign together. The bigger the voice, the better chance we have. But I am also being slightly realistic. Cuts will happen and anyone who thinks otherwise is sadly deluded. The City Council’s pot of money will get smaller and the demand for a piece of that pot will get ever greater.

    So for starters, I just want to keep what we already have. If successful, then I’ll be happy to push for more.

    And maybe now I need to channel my writing into my own blog!!!

    • overhere1 says :

      Thanks for taking the time to reply.
      I do not want to see the arts being cut in derby and I don’t see it as inevitable. I was initially responding to a tweet and this escalated- there are many other aspects to this which I didn’t touch on. That will have to wait another day.
      Meantime, hope you will join us on 30th Nov in Derby to protest on jobs and pensions!

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