Beetroot infused tagliatelle with smoked lardons.

As some of you know, I don’t really do recipes. But here is what I cooked for supper tonight…..

I skinned and quartered a couple of beetroot and add this, the peelings and stalks to a large pan of boiling water. Left to simmer.

In frying pan, on low heat, added smoked lardons ( smoked streaky bacon would do) and, when nearly cooked and leaking lots of fat, added chopped onion and garlic.

When beetroot quarters getting soft( but still slight resistance when prodded with fork), and water, well, beetroot red, reserved the beetroot water. I rescued the quartered beetroot and when cooled, put in the fridge to slice and add to salad or sandwich.

Beetroot water back on to boil, add fresh tagliatelle. No more than a minute. The tagliatelle will become pink and take on an earthy flavour. Drain, reserving water and add to the frying pan with the bacon. Add more beetroot water bit by bit until you have the mix you want. Added parmesan. It was very satisfying. M ay not be authentic though….

I was going to freeze the remaining beetroot water in 1 block but H had the brilliant of pouring into ice cube bags. Can now add to any sauce to give it some earthy depth.


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