Booking online with Ryanair- my experience.

Today I have had to book tickets online with Ryanair for the first time in my life. It was a difficult experience. No doubt some of you will laugh at my naivety but others may benefit from my experience.

The whole problem lies, in my opinion, with the way the website works. It seems to ensnare you into making mistakes. You have to actively say that you don’t want to buy one of their bags, don’t want their insurance etc. And at each stage you are never quite sure what additional costs you are letting yourself in for….

I was booking tickets for myself and a colleague going on a trip to Poland for a school project. Working to a budget. We thought it might be worth reserving seats so that we cold guarantee adjacent seats. Now we should have read the reserving seats info before we embarked on this but I had read “reserved seats” in the way I would on a train etc…As we started on the process, we realised this was not what we wanted, didn’t know what it would cost us so we I backed up to previous page. This was my mistake…..

I proceeded with my booking,giving card details, clicked……told booking had failed as I had already booked for that flight. On the one hand told that I would be charged for any double booking yet the button at the bottom said “Try Again.” No chance!

Couldn’t check online to see what was going on- you need a reference number for that, which |I didn’t have. Didn’t want to try again because of warning of non refundable double booking….

The only way to resolve this, without the risk of incurring extra costs, seemed to be to ring up. 10p a minute.And holding… In the end the operator checked my card number, confirmed that no booking had been made and told me to delete my browser history and start again. Simple.

Hang on… from the quick response it appears that this is a regular and known problem. I did as suggested and , having learnt “ryanair web”, booked without a problem.

So it seems that the whole problem stemmed from my having backed up a page during my reservation. Surely, since this problem is known, it could be sorted. An advice not to go back a page ( you can always manage the booking later) or the website re designed?

The worst part, in my view,is that the site, at the end, suggests that you try again, knowing that won’t work unless you delete browser history.

Easy if you know how.Check and make a note of what all the additional costs are and what you get for them. The reserved seats for instance only relate to agency exits very few seats in specific situations- like if you want to be near emergency exits. If you have got something wrong, don’t back up a page- stop, delate browser history and start again. Or,if it is only a minor error,continue, get a reference and use manage booking..

Simple- if you know how. Ryanair was still the cheapest offer for our trip by a long way, even after all the extras. So why not make it all simpler to understand. Part of the problem- made worse by the clunky website- is that you FEEL that you are being ripped off even well the cost is the lowest.

I’m not a web expert but I am sure that the whole booking system could be made less stressful…



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2 responses to “Booking online with Ryanair- my experience.”

  1. Brandon G. says :

    I agree completely. Even if you know how to do it there always seems to be an error. I’ve booked with Ryanair many times and never once was it straight forward. It’s a garbage website. Damn them for being so cheap.

  2. overhere1 says :

    Thanks for comment.The site is unnecessarily frustrating!

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