Glasgow. A few photographs.

Spent a day and two bits in Glasgow last week. The main purpose of our visit was 1) to see daughter’s new flat, 2) to celebrate her birthday and 3) to buy her some pots and pans. Well I took part in the first two of these activities but opted to spend some of the day wandering round the city, camera at the ready.

I had no plan, no map and very little knowledge of the city. So these views are random, unplanned and may offer a distorted view of the city. Some themes did emerge however…

Defining space: motorways.

The motorway appears to play a significant role in defining and dividing the city space.

This area feels like a frontier zone, dividing old and new, shabby and bright, untidy and clean.

Here the motorway assumes the role of a river; something to be crossed and bridged, a current of noise. Ironic really as the city seems to have distanced itself from its river, no longer the source of wealth and commerce.

Motorways also create empty spaces, especially raised motorways. It is as if no one quite knows what to do with this space-

Work in Progress or abandoned space?

It is not just motorways that create empty spaces, undefined, abandoned-

There was a sign on this site which said the site was available for mixed development, but the words were overwritten. So no development, mixed or otherwise.  I have to say I like these untidy spaces with signs of nature reclaiming the space available…

Crowded Space.

Buildings jostle for space-

the hotel appears to surround the older building.

Here, a new office block appears to be nudging the 19th century Metropolitan Cathedral of St Andrews out of the way:

though to be fair, the Cathedral has, quietly, taken over some space on the other side to create a reflective,memorial space:

Here on the other hand, a church-like structure has been absorbed by an apartment block. Was it ever a church?

Occupying space.

There are different ways to occupy and protect spaces. #occupy  took over this space but were evicted:

So, instead of being used, this space has been locked, defended, preserved and subsequently unused.

And another garden, defensive, locked off-

Transforming space.

There are plenty of cranes in Glasgow right now….

suggesting further changes to the skyline in years to come. There is already a bewildering clash and confusion of styles; bold statements suggesting self confidence and pride:

In between these buildings, functional spaces, not pretty, but needed. The connection between the inside and outside worlds:

Empty windows.

Other buildings are less proud, their empty windows a facade, no longer reflecting pride:

Night defining space.

Nightfall can make seem benign spaces seem threatening. And vice versa. Night also allows the use of light to transform a space,

and highlight buildings,

Nothing startling, nothing new. But a view, a city framed, but spilling and spewing outside of the frame, occupying its own space.


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2 responses to “Glasgow. A few photographs.”

  1. Craig Porter says :

    The diversity of architecture in central Glasgow is splendid – as a major industrial city in several eras the successful left their mark. Glasgow comes from the gaelic “green place” so I hope you had the opportunity to visit Glasgow Green itself and the People’s Palace which tells the story of the city. As well as having the Green as an open public space, the Greater Glasgow area has the most parkland per sq mile of any European city – which is something I really appreciated growing up. Blythswood Square by the way was traditionally a red-light area after the office workers went home. IIRC the offices next to the Catholic cathedral are part of the church’s complex I may be wrong it’s a while since I’ve been there.

    • overhere1 says :

      Thanks for your comments.As I said, this was a brief and unresearched trip- I should have asked your advice before going! Next time I am up there I will certainly seek out some green spaces and the People’s Palace…

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