A week in Fishguard. Stormy weather. (Vu le mauvais temps…)

It is unrealistic to expect to spend a week in Wales without rain. We managed last year and apparently, the week before we arrived was hot, sunny and dry. Oh well. It obviously couldn’t last.

It rained on the Tuesday for a while- the while we were  out walking…. later in the Ship Inn a member of the Lifeboat crew told us that Wednesday would see a gale force9 wind and rain, but that it would only last a day. He was right.

Wednesday started quietly enough:

but as the tide came in, so did the wind and the rain..

These fishing boats seem undisturbed:

though they did not go out that day.

This man could not get his motor to work.


(wordpress does not seem to like wmv, don’t know if that works!)

He managed to get to safety after a struggle.

I ventured out onto the quay:

but mainly, we stayed in.

As a child, a long, long time ago, I used to go on holiday to the Belgian Ardennes. The weather there was equally unpredictable. This was in the days before multi media or even day time tv. But when the weather was bad, the TV would “spring” into life and put on a family film       “vu le mauvais temps” -due to the bad weather….

In homage to those days we settled in, turned the heating up and watched the Tintin movie…

and all was well in the holiday world.

PS I was disappointed in my stormy weather pictures- didn’t really capture the drama.  I’ll work on it….




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