OneNoteSunday: a musical night out in #Derbyuk

I have supported #onenotesunday right from the start (see previous post here) and here but, to my shame, this is the first night I have been able to go along. So perhaps I should not complain about the attendance- about 30. Indeed Steve Noble suggested that this was typical across the country. It’s a shame though that the good folk of Derby seem unwilling to support this great venture, especially as it attracting many skilled and talented musicians. We are all guilty- to a greater or lesser extent- of living in our musical ghettos; unwilling to explore beyond our comfort zones. If you are prepared to listen to something new though OnenoteSunday provides a great opportunity to listen to and see some great musicians and at no great expense- £5.00 will get you in- and at a great venue, The Flowerpot . What is disappointing is the apparent lack of support from the arts/culture glitterati in Derby. Like the Victoria Inn (I haven’t been recently though I have played there in the distant past!) , attracting bands from across the country, OneNote Sunday appear to be below the radar when it comes to bigging up Derby and what it has to offer.

Whatever, a great night was had by those who attended.

The group performing consisted of Olie Brice on bass,

Steve Noble on drums

and Alex Ward on clarinet.

Later on. Corey Mywamba joined the band.

Now I am not very good at writing about music; I tend to wobble between ” I know what I like and I liked this” and pretentious sounding twaddle. But I did speak to someone during the interval who said that she didn’t quite understand the music, that she found it too clinical and lacking in emotion. I disagree with this view though it is one I have heard on many occasions and she did agree that the musicianship was excellent.  Personally I found the north african beats, the sometimes aggressive clarinet playing and the at times percussive, other times lyrical bass had plenty of soul. It took me back to the days of listening to jazz in Lyon in the 70s- listening to Louis Sclavis Christian Rollet and others at the Jazz club de Lyon. I would recommend a listen to The Workshop de Lyon by the way.

Personally, I believe the soul in this type of music comes from the understanding of each player of what they want to do, where the want to go and doing it together. Here’s where I get bit pretentious twaddleish- there is a common theme, then individual musical explorations which then resolve themselves back to the common theme.  A metaphor for life/politics?

Great music, great musicianship, great beer, great company. What else could you ask for on a Sunday night? Feet you say? ok, here is some pedal power from Corey on the vibes:

Next date for onenotesunday: The AJNash trio on 3rd June. Before then some interesting stuff going on at the Voicebox Derby, another venue that gets overlooked…

Loved the evening. let’s show everyone that Derby is an international and European city, embracing all types of live, vibrant music and culture.


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