#onenotesunday: 3rd June 2012 A.J. Nash Trio.

Yesterday, One Note Sunday introduced the Derby public (well, about 15 brave souls) to the AJ Nash Trio from Leeds.


You could tell at once they were young but it still came as a shock at the interval to find out at the interval that they were 19, 20 and 21. (Sorry, I cannot now ascribe a specific age to a specific person.) The trio of Leeds College of Music students consists of:


A.J. Nash on saxophone,


well, saxophones,


Joe Cox on drums and


Seb Booth on bass.

The first set provided a number of pieces with a similar structure; the saxophone leading, then soaring above a softly spoken rhythm. The image of kite-flying comes to mind- the sax swirling and spinning in the sky, but with the bass and the drums solidly on earth, holding the strings and bringing it all together. No coincidence that one of the pieces was called “Airborne.”

The second set provided more contrast with the drums and bass taking a more central role; there was greater contrast and use of dynamics. At one stage it became positively dramatic:Image

This photo just precedes the collapse of Seb’s bridge…Image

The professional way in which the band dealt with this crisis is a measure of the maturity of the musicians. Equally it show how “sympa” (sorry, there really isn’t the right word in English) these small gatherings are with Corey and others helping out.

I was particularly interested in “Synesthete” parts 1 and two which was a bold attempt to explore the synaesthesia aspects of music and one which I think they could take further… (Frank Zappa described music as ” air sculpture”…)

This trio is definitely a work in progress but one which is worth progressing. The musicianship, the ideas are all there; with greater confidence I think they will explore greater heights and depths. Keep an eye on these three…

A note on the photos. I am still exploring this camera and experimenting with settings. I don’t like to use a flash at concerts, hence the grainy, blurred pictures. Here are some more from last night:


This is a photo I would normally dismiss but, although a poor photo in a technical sense, it does convey some of the dynamics of the music.




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One response to “#onenotesunday: 3rd June 2012 A.J. Nash Trio.”

  1. AJ says :

    Thanks for taking the time to take photos and write this, we really appreciate it. Thanks for coming!

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