I have some minced beef, 1/2 tomato, a stick of celery, an onion and some potato. I wonder how it will turn out.


This is what I did:

Peeled and thinly sliced a couple of potatoes,

Added to a pan, covered with water, added the celery stick and tomato- both well past their best. Brought to the boil.

Fried the mince, some onion and garlic in some bacon fat from this morning.

Drained the potatoes, reserving the water. Place half the potatoes at the bottom of an oven proof dish.

Added the reserved water, bit at a time to the mince. Added seasoning seasoning and a few chilli flakes. Boiled ’til sauce thickened.

Poured into the dish, topped with the rest of the potatoes and added grated cheese and breadcrumbs from the freezer.

Shoved into the oven until ready. A good supper from ingredients to hand. An enjoyable supper. Cheers.

Note: Overcooked the potatoes; should be just undercooked.

Strong taste of celery which I enjoyed but others might find too strong.



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