It Can’t Happen Here- memoirs 1972-74

Update 13/08/15

Stephen Mason died two years ago tomorrow. I saw him two weeks before he died.

Paul- the 3rd of the 3 amigos- was visiting with his family from New Zealand. He said; “This is the last time we will see Steve isn’t it?” It was.

We decided to recreate the 3 amigos picture from The Glade-


And this is how it photoshopped

3 bench 1st attempt

One day I will sort out the feet…..

Thanks for the memories. We did ok Steve…

I first posted this on Tumblr on 16/5/11.  Since then, our good friend Stephen

died in August 2013.

A good friend of mine has unearthed and scanned these old black and white

photos, covering some of our pretentious activities in the dull suburb  of

Sidcup. We were 16-18 years young. We are all still friends by the way.

The early photos, taken in the local park, were taken on this even older camera:

Apparently this is an Ensign Cardine, manufactured in London by

Houghton-Butcher sometime between 1925 and 1931.

[edit:see here for info]

In 1972 we had discovered the music of Frank Zappa, the art of Dada

and the politics of anarchy. Here are the 3 amigos defending our turf.

This is our bench in the park:

The park (The Glade in Sidcup) was our playground. We played music,

drank cider and sowed radishes in the flower beds.

At this stage, Paul played the clarinet, I played the violin and Steve was

learning the guitar. Now, we are all in our 50s, it is Steve who is still

playing music, having turned into a fine blues musician.

We created art installations before cyclepaths existed:

We thought we were avant-garde,

…but really I was just reliving my primary school “music and movement days.

(“Now, pretend your a tree.”)

I don’t know what this is about…

..but don’t you love the heels and flares?

Two years later, we were in Steve’s back garden one fine summer’s day.

I love this “album cover” photo of Paul and me on a scooter 

album cover

13/08/15 One day I might compile the album to go with the cover…..

and this photo, again of Paul and me, apparently a reflection in a window.

[edit: Taken from inside shed, through window.]

There are one or two more photos and I will be looking to edit some of these later.

Seeing these photos makes me want to explore this time further-

there may be some art work, audio and poetry to follow over time.


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