Striking Teachers.

I suspect that many of my colleagues, on strike tomorrow, will spend their day catching up on paperwork- assessment, marking, lesson planning. Who can blame them? Yes we are professionals and expect to spend extra time, outside of our paid hours to get our professional jobs done.  But this seems like a good opportunity, away from the daily grind, to do that stuff that we know needs doing but hopefully gets neglected when we deal with the immediate needs of the children in our care.

And we know we have great holidays, relatively good pay and a relatively good pension.

My gripe is that we are not treated like professionals. Our voice no longer counts. We have less and less say in the education of our- your- children.

I personally question the validity of strike action but what else can we do? Gove clearly wants to undermine the education system just as much as his colleagues are undermining the NHS.

I would urge all striking teachers who are thinking of working from home to consider:

Joining any local rallies. Get out there and speak to people-

Explain why Free schools and academies actual undermine your right to a good, local school,

Explain why every school should have the freedom to make local choices,

Explain that actually, teachers are well equipped to assess and understand what your child needs to fulfil their potential

Explain that benefit cuts, like the bed room tax, affects all children ( changes in classes affects learning of all children)

Explain how child poverty affects the learning of all our children.


stay at home! Explain this on a rally, in your local shop, the supermarket, the post office (if you still have one)  in the cafe and pubs.

We may be annoyed that the general public see a teacher’s strike as an inconvenience , upsetting childcare arrangements. But we have to do our bit to show that this is not just about us but about the education of our children.





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