Of cabbages and kings- views from the East Neuk.


soar albaWe have visited Anstruther and this section of the Fife Coastal path for a number of years and this graffiti has weathered but remained since we first visited. Will Alba be a separate country next time we visit?


In the past, we have always come to Anstruther during the October half term so an Easter trip plus the addition of a friend and his six year could make it a different trip.

Rather than do a chronological account of the trip I have chosen a number of random themes to organise my photos and thoughts.


The kings reference is easy to justify- the area is also known as the Kingdom of Fife.  But cabbages? Well we came across quite a few on our walk from Anstruther to Crail. First in a cave-

cabbage cave


then nestled by a rock-

cabbage random

and finally, a whole trail of cabbages-

cabbage trail

Very random. No explanation. We therefore created our own stories about how and why these cabbages got there. The obvious explanation is of course that the cabbage monster, who lived in the cave, had been disturbed and scattered his store. Sheep throwing cabbages at passing tourists was another explanation. The point of mentioning all this is that we are not serious walkers but enjoy the stimulus of what we see around us, the fresh air and the banter; and so we talked of many things….

The coastal path takes you over a cliff and down into Crail. My challenge to photographers: how can you take a picture of Crail harbour without it looking like a shortbread biscuit tin lid?

crail harbour

Its standard “prettiness” belies a history of tough herring fishing and the role of women in this area. As I recollect from a visit  to the fisheries museum back in 2011, Crail harbour was built by a group of Dutch women.  A brief google search doesn’t provide any information- there is work to be done here.

View from the balcony


balcony kir

The cottage we rented had a balcony and garden overlooking the sea. The weather was such that we could sit out in the garden or on the balcony and just watch the sea come in and out-

balcony view


anstruther sea (3)

anstruther sea

gulls gathering


The one cloudy day was the night of the full moon but the night before was pretty spectacular-

moon monday


(that’s the Isle of May in the background..)

and I did catch a rainbow-

Rainbow anstruthered


An obvious category, sorry but some fine pictures.

fraamed sea

sea pittenweem (2) ed

sea pittenweem (3)


sea pittenweem


I like a good forage and particularly enjoy collecting and cooking mussels. Unfortunately I have not found a good bed of mussels nearby.  There is a lack of enthusiasm for wild food amongst our group otherwise I might have tried some of the wild garlic, alexander and butter burr I came across-

butter burrSAM_4267

(too dangerous)…. (Can’t find the picture of Alexander…. oh well)

Gorse is coming out-

gorse crail


and there are violets

violets pittenweem

and primroses

flowers crail


and daffodils flowers crail (2)

growing wild like discarded Mother’s Day gifts…

READYMADES- art and nature.


bicycle pittenweem


The sea creates its own art and sometimes we just have to interfere-

rock monster pittenweem

Thanks to the 7yr old we spent time pootling about on beaches. We came across this deposit of shells, as though a giant had discarded their collection-

seashells crail


I rather childishly – this is why we all need holidays- created this tribal work of art!


I collected a number of items from this beach and challenged members of the group to rearrange into table top sculptures-


sculpture (2)sculpture (7)

But these rocks, fashioned by the sea, need no rearranging-

rock and sky crail

multicoloured rocks crail

wood sculpture pittenweem

And so I could go on… a great break, a great place and a great inspiration.


fdotd Ship Inn

(Ship Inn, Elie.)

PS. No Tim, this is not Matlock Bath!


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4 responses to “Of cabbages and kings- views from the East Neuk.”

  1. Mette says :

    What a beautiful place with that weird and wonderful cabbage trail. I like the sheep throwing theory.

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