New Blog- Simple Solutions.

I have just created a new blog, simply entitled, Simple Solutions. I quote:

Welcome to my blog! I felt the urge to start this blog as I have become overwhelmed by the number of problems that seem to assail us and I don’t think I am the only one. Some of these problems appear huge- clean water, the current ebola epidemic,  Gaza- some societal- how do we make individual lives better and enable people to lead an active life- yet others, minor irritating problems that have an accumulative impact on our daily lives.

What I am hoping to do here is bring together some simple, elegant solutions that are out there, somewhere.

By simple I don’t necessarily mean easy to put into practice- dominant narratives, mindsets and political and economic interests often get in the way. I’m also looking for solutions that don’t involve big business but which can be implemented by small organisations, groups o people and individuals.As an example- I have no objection to GM foods per say; but according to my criteria this is not a solution as ownership of the seeds belong to corporations and not to individual farmers.

Perhaps what I want  to say is : “Look, there is a solution, lets just get out there and make it happen!”

Your comments, suggestions and further solutions will be more than welcome! ”

There are obvious links with this blog, particularly the political. But I hope that Simple Solutions will remain positive and specific.

There is not a lot of content yet but I hope it will grow and hopefully build a momentum to offer and adopt solutions rather than grumbles about problems.



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