Courgettes: a European problem.

On the first day of our holiday in the Limousin, France, we were innocently shopping in the local village when a woman parked up her van and hailed us. She brought out two large courgettes and came over, pleading with us to take the courgettes-nearly marrow-sized- as she had had enough of the things. Apparently her freezer was full of variously prepared courgettes and she could take it no more.

I couldn’t think of a polite way of refusing, so we took the courgettes off her hands.

We did what we could in the limited confines of a holiday cottage but we still only managed to get through half of one courgette. We even tried to pass one off to the owners of our cottage but they too had a glut.

In the back of my mind I was thinking of our own courgette plants in Derby and, knowing that our house guest would probably not be harvesting our crops, I feared the worst.

And I was right to-


This is the crop I came back to… Now at this stage they are too watery to do much with so I will have a goat making some soup.

But the incident reminded me of the good old EEC days when we were regularly (or so it seemed) regaled with stories of European food mountains; mainly milk and butter. But we should now revive the mountains and add a courgette mountain. I’m sure some of British papers could find a way of blaming faceless EU bureaucrats for the excess of courgettes- or would that be making a mountain out of a, well, pile of courgettes?

More posts on our French holiday to come.


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