Only Connect: a few random thoughts after reading the paper this morning.

We only get the paper on a Sunday these days and people who know me will not be surprised to hear that we get the Observer.

I have been meaning to do a comment on some of the articles that caught my eye for some time now. So here goes…

The first article is about Judi Dench lamenting the wealth divide which is stopping people from poorer backgrounds from becoming actors. One of the problems highlighted is the disappearance of local repertory theatres where many actors served an apprenticeship. The other of course is the cost of training.

I would add a further problem- schools. I spoke yesterday to a teacher who works in a secondary academy in a poorer part of the city. He told me that both the music and drama departments at the school had been closed as there was no requirement to study either subjects. This is a PFI school, struggling to keep up with repayments… So the specialist studio and music rooms will gather dust…

Article here.

Many of us have highlighted that the Academy system was not an answer and will lead to the privatisation of schools as has happened in the NHS. Both advocates and opponents of privatisation of our public services should keep an eye on the results of the Swedish elections today (14/09/14) According to this article there is a backlash against those that introduced the private sector in education and health with some providers having to be bailed out. Interestingly, people are turning to the Green Party and a feminist party rather than the traditional centre-left Social Democrats…

… the English media were caught out by the increase in the Yes vote in Scotland precisely because they concentrated on Salmond rather than Radical Independence which includes the Green Party and Women for Independence….

I often sense a feeling of frustration on twitter – which I share- at the apparent inability to get our points across. The revolution will no be through twitter. But as time goes on, I begin to see signs of our views gaining credence- anti- bedroom tax, pro renationalisation, living wage, federalism-  and I will persevere.

I was heartened by this article reporting on the people of the Trastevere district of Rome, fighting against property developers and hipsters to maintain the soul of the area. Activists, students and artists have worked well with, and gained the support of, more traditional residents to create a vibrant area….

Which reminds me, must go and see Pride this week.

Off now to listen to The Forest v Derby game now. No coverage in the Observer today who only ever really the machinations of the Premiership. Despite the 10th anniversary of Cloughie’s death. Real supporters from both sides will be giving the man a minute’s applause at 10 mins.


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