My Recipe Archive: Introduction.


Over the years I have inherited and collected 1,000s of recipes. At one stage, over 15 years ago, I went to part time work and did a lot of cooking and buying cook books from (now gone) second hand book shops.

Over the years this collection has faded and yellowed and, in some cases, literally turned to dust. I suspect that I am not the only one out here who, on a day to day basis, resort to a handful of dishes- well known, safe and easy to prepare after a day at work. When pushed to find a recipe it is usually to google that I turn to, rather than my own archive..

My resolve is to dip into my recipe archive at least once a week and explore my own heritage. My preference is for simple dishes where precision is not a prerequisite for success. Slow cooked or quickly prepared, using cheaper cuts of meat, food for the soul as well as the body….

I will be posting my attempts on here so why not follow and check on my progress. As always, comments welcome. I will post the original recipe then cook and eat and add photos and comments. My food photography isn’t brilliant but I am now following cookingwithoutlimits so hopefully you will see some improvements…

And my first recipe is……..


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