Anstruther 2015 Part 1

5-gull (2)

This is the first Easter holiday we won’t be going away since forever. One of the many reasons is that, frankly, we couldn’t wait and went away during the February half- term instead. We went back to our favourite haunt, Anstruther where we have been during October half term (and last year, at Easter) for many a year. Previous Anstruther posts include:

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I’m going to pick out a few themes and thoughts from our holidays rather than give an “and here we are on our holidays” type blog….

Weather…. is always hit and miss on a UK holiday  but to be honest, the only time we have had bad weather in Anstruther was during October and then it was frankly dramatic… (October 2011 )OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This year we weren’t sure what to expect as it had recently been snowing. Our stop on the journey up was at the wonderful Tebay services and hotel and the snow was still piled up on the sides of the car park-

1-TebaySnow still lingered on the hills as we drove further north-

2-road to Scotland3and this must be the first time we have crossed the Forth Bridge without really seeing it-

2-forth Bridge2

But it soon cleared up- and we only had 1 day of gloomy weather which we spent in the relatively urban St Andrews (more anon…

co2-road to Scotland2Sunrises and sunsets…

Our cottage was on a rocky beach looking out to the Isle of May with Anstruther Harbour to our right. We saw some glorious sunrises and sunsets and hopefully I caught the magic of some of these in these photos-

Sunrise:7- sunrise3-morning sun

Sunsets….2-sunset (4)2-sunset (6)2-sunset (7)(Lack of ) mussels

It has always disappointed me that I have never found a good bed of mussels to harvest and cook, along this stretch of the East Neuk. Collecting mussels has always been a highlight of our holidays in Wales (we will be back!) especially Fishguard. You can read my mussel collecting Fishguard post here.  Finally I found some along the coast at Elie….7- Elie mussels….but I reckon I might have to wait awhile….Actually it is probably a good thing I didn’t find any as, at the end of the walk from Elie to Leven, I saw this sign:-

7- mussels warningMy record for never having been poisoned on my forages might well have gone…

The Dreel

5-Dreel walk (3)The Dreel is a river that flows into the estuary at Anstruther and there is a pleasant, short walk along it’s banks until you reach an estate- perfect stroll while my partner had her nails done (the amount of local gossip and information H picked up from her brief session was priceless….) Anyway

5-Dreel walk (5)

5-Dreel walk (5)

5-Dreel walk (2)

That scarecrow can also be seen from the riverside terrace of The Dreel Tavern, by far the best of many pubs in Anstruther..

5-Dreel pub

……which seems a good place to end part 1…. Cheers

7- beer

(in part 2…. gulls, rocks and arty stuff..)


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