Steve McClaren- a personal tragedy

Derby County 4, Ipswich 4

2013/14 Play off finals.

He did well. Previous best season for Derby? Under Jimmie Smith – McClaren as assistant,

McClaren goes to Man U- they win the treble.

So much hope and yet so much went wrong. Why?

Injuries?- a symptom of poor training or perhaps poor attitude. Calling in sick when your mind is not right?

Self- belief? We only needed 1 point to get to the play=offs…

A personal tragedy- McClaren could have been with us for a while. He could have took us, and stuck with us in the Prem.

Solid ownership, proper Acdemy, Southampton style. He blew it,,,

Cliche time- Derby County is stronger than any individual. We will be there…

McClaren could have been with us had he simply stated that he was Derby. He didn’t. The players lost

faith and confidence.

Derby County will rise to the occasion. The 21.000 season ticket holders will rise to the occasion,

Good luck Steve, sorry you blew away such a good chance to really make it with Derby County


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