Cuts that hurt but don’t even achieve their stated aims.

Among the benefit cuts we are likely to hear about in today’s Queen’s Speech will be-

  • freezing of working age benefits
  • A reduction in the benefit cap and
  • Removal of Housing Benefit from 18-21 yr olds on Unemployment benefit.

These cuts will have a harsh impact on the individuals concerned and will have an impact on social care services that are already crumbling.

Have we not learned from the Bedroom Tax farce?

Not only are the consequences of these cuts harsh, they don’t even do what the government intends. In a report published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation it is estimated that the above cuts would only save the government at most £1.5bn. Where is the rest coming from? (Link to article here)

We are told that Labour did so badly because they were not trusted on the economy and yet they allowed the Tories to get away with making unrealistic and society destroying cuts.

Many of us predicted that the bedroom tax would cause undue hardship and would not achieve the stated aims. (my post here) Our instincts and good sense have been backed up by a recent report from the LSE.

“Our findings are striking. Welfare reform isn’t working as planned. Government savings are lower and costs are higher, particularly disability payments due to mismanagement.”

Link  to article here

We need to keep shouting out loud that the cuts don’t work by whatever measure is used. Regular readers will know my oft repeated views on how to cut welfare benefit budgets- bring in Living wage and rent control.

Who benefits from Welfare Benefits?

I think yhis government are more vulnerable than we- or they- think. The British Bill of rights has already been delayed and apparently even IDS didn’t approve of the £12bn cuts level. Let’s try and introduce some facts in this discussion because facts will eventually unravel the emperor’s new clothes…


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