Holiday in Berlin- Brussels stop over.

I hadn’t intended writing about our Brussels stop over in this series of posts on our rail trip to Berlin. The events of this weekend however changes things.

I stated on twitter that I was saddened by the lockdown in Brussels and I was asked why…

I was born in Brussels but never lived there. To me Brussels was a holidays. A stop over with my Gran before we travelled on for a 4 week stay in the Ardennes. I have an old postcard some where of the old Place de Brouckere pre tram. Where we waited for trams, saw Dr Zhivago (and, yes, it was cold)


The trams went underground and now the cars are going too.. We stayed at the Metropole

and sat at the terrace drinking beer.The next morning, we walked down the Boulevard AnspachSAM_5898

Street society… And had breakfast at the Grand Place


The Grand Place, where my mum and dad got married.Which is currently in lock down. So yes, I think it is sad that this city, my place of birth, is in lockdown.  Molenbeek for me is summers, picking wild strawberries from the allotment. Here is a story of a Christmas tree

.Later, as a teenager, it was where we pitched a tent and worked nights at Nato during a year off before university. Working nights, we lived the weekends at night,


I remember coming here at night and listening to Frank Zappa whilst drinking a Stella or two..Another reason I am saddened by Brussels lockdown…

I know all the arguments- that we we should care about the quality of life and the deaths of all across the world. I have followed and retweeted events in many countries since the Arab Spring.

That doesn’t stop me from feeling sad that my  birth place is in lock down  does it?




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