Demolition of DRI- changing urban landscapes

I hope there is a a serious photographer out there recording on a regular basis, the demolition of the old Derby Royal Infirmary. If not, well at least I have taken a few snapshots.

There have been many changes to the cityscape of Derby since I moved here 30 years ago. You see the changes happening, aware of what is being lost or gained,then, when the transformation has happened, you quickly forget what was and how the place has changed, not just physically, but psychologically. The way we view our town turned city, the way we move around it, occupy/ are excluded from parts of it. What will become of this-now- building site which holds so many memories for so many people- the hopes, joy, despair and deaths of a city centre hospital. Will those memories survive as a housing/shops/offices development replaces the hospital.



Hopefully, Florence Nightingale will preserve the memory of what was….


The inside of a building hangs, outside, holding on.SAM_5920

As the Victorian facade remains. Stoic.


Snow adds to the desolation of the site…


The old being preserved, the newer demolished, the new, an architects plan.

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