Derby County- from year of the Ram to year of the Monkey

It’s not often that I feel compelled to write a post about Derby County. There are so many decent blogs and blog posts out there that I usually leave it to them. Tonight though, I feel compelled to add my view to the torrent of opinions that will be spewing forth tonight. I am not a football expert, I am a Derby County fan. I sit close to the pitch and don’t have an over view of the game. But I have my view….

Steve McClaren let us down. More interested in watching whether Newcastle would go down than getting Derby promoted, he was rightly sacked as we even failed to get the point that would get us into the play offs.

I feared we would get a recycled usual suspect as our new manager, but we made a bold, and in my view, good decision to bring in Paul Clement.

After a dodgy start, the results started to come.Not always the performances, but the results. So we were relatively happy.

As soon as the results dipped though our previous concerns about performance started to become more urgent. My twitter name @overhere3 comes from me shouting over here at the games but that precedes current regimes. We seem to buy wingers and never use the width. The main problem seemed to be however- apart from that ball in the final 3rd- was the negative or sideways passing. Lots of possession but no end product. The fans were on it. Warnock in particular got the abuse of the fans who wanted to see us play forward all the time.

I didn’t boo- I don’t- but I was one of the thousands who became frustrated despite our earlier results.

The home game against Preston was probably the nadir. We saw improvements against Man U and, although we still drew, against Fulham. I heard Christie actually push forward..

But Paul Clement responded to our objections to the backward/sideways passing. He pointed out that if there wasn’t a way forward we should at least keep possession. My point to Clement would have been that the players didn’t look up for the forward pass, didn’t anticipate it… and I think he would have taken that point, and worked on it. But he wasn’t given the chance.

So with 16 games to go we were 5th. Dawn of a new era. When commenting on the game this afternoon it was 2-0 to 10-00 the Rams. It was not to be. Surprised?

The commentary on Radio Derby was interesting. Having criticised the lack of forward passing in previous games, the criticism today was that we were playing the long ball. Hey ho.

Dismissing Paul Clement for football reasons was a disgrace. If it was not for footballingg reasons, we need to know.

There is no point in having a go at Darren Wassall for today- we now have a meddling Morris who thinks that, as a fan, he knows best. Unfortunately, unlike the rest of us, he has the money and the power.

I hope this ends well.



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2 responses to “Derby County- from year of the Ram to year of the Monkey”

  1. Steven Swanwick says :

    Shame that I would be first to make a comment after so many reads. I agree, we’re in a strange place, with a lack of confidence and with such an odd decision just makes it hard to be a fan and not be negative. Time will tell; it always does, just difficult once again, it’ s Derby after all. Cannot ever be straight forward can it? As always, onto the next game, and who knows,it may click then?

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