Why I use an adblocker.

I am being increasingly admonished by news sites for using an adblocker. I am reminded, quite rightly, that good journalism costs money. We need good journalism- as the panamaleaks have demonstrated- and it is becoming rarer and more difficult to find.

I also admit that I use adblocker indiscriminately and I should be more selective and will be from now on but…

I need to explain why I installed adblocker in the first place.

I often refer to my local paper, The Derby Telegraph– I am interested in local politics and events and comments on the Mighty Rams. I buy the paper copy during term time as I like to share it with my students. But the web site is totally unreadable without an adblocker… try it. The home page is bad enough but try clicking onto a story….

So dear news providers: I will try removing adblocker from your site but in return I would ask you

  • Not to inundate your pages with pop ups
  • Not to autorun videos
  • Consider the balance between the needs to generate money and the need to develop repeat visits.

If you don’t then I’m afraid that I will simply not visit your sites at all.

Between us, perhaps we can get the balance right.


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