Flight or Fight- reacting to the world we are living in.

I met up for a drink with a friend before the match yesterday. I hadn’t seen or spoken to him since the Trump election. After a perfunctory football related conversation (will we win- depends which side turns up, should we play A or B etc) I asked what he thought of the Trump election. He stopped me and said that he did not want, no, could not talk about Trump, Brexit or indeed anything political. He has closed his Facebook account and silenced his Twitter. He no longer watches or listens to the news. He threatened that he preferred it if we stood drinking in silence than talk politics…


I am extremely tempted by this option. I enjoyed the simple escapism of the match, especially as we won 3-0. And today I spent the afternoon reading a book (fiction) in front of an open fire. But I haven’t got the will power to shut myself off completely like that, tempting though it is….

Or Fight…………

I read two very good articles this morning urging us- progressives? Liberals?- to fight back and to fight back effectively. The article by J. Clive Matthews looks at the way the alt-right (fascists and racists?) have marketed their campaign, why they are being successful and the marketing lessons “we” should learn from and fight back, using all the marketing strategies we can. Jonathan Freedland’s article carries the same message though from a political point of view. We need to fight back and fight back hard.

Flight or fight? I am stuck in the middle right now, not sure which way to go. It is all so depressing when you believe in a free, fair society..

I will, I am sure, go into fight mode eventually, as indeed I think my friend will. But I feel I don’t have the strength right now. Labour have totally capitulated on brexit- I feel sorry for the likes of Keir Starmer and Richard Corbett who have fought hard for a proper view on eu within the labour party. I really support the idea of a #progressivealliance but I suspect it won’t happen. And we have to accept that the parameters have shifted- people like me have to support people like Anna Soubry…

At the moment I feel that I am, yes, listening to and reacting to the news but also hiding under the duvet… Soon I – we- need to start the fight back. It might take different forms. Stop Funding Hate is a nice, simple campaign to start with. As a teacher, I am interested in promoting critical thinking, something that seems lost these days. It seems to me that populist politics thrives when there is a democratic deficit. Electoral reform must be high on the list…

There is much to do when we have found the energy to do it..




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