Sunday stroll in Derby; a few photos, a few words.

I felt the need to get out this afternoon- away from twitter and Trump, brexit, school planning, household chores and rugby. I had no plan- just to get out. I turned left and headed into town.

[How come you can say “headed into town” but have to say “headed into the city?]

Went into Waterstones. They have a section for “social media personalities”. “Philosophy has gone.

And so it goes.

Went into Tesco Express. Bought chocolate. What a soulless place this is. Desperate shopping, heads bowed, self service to avoid human contact.

Onwards. Towards the river


A collage of buildings


Not so much Live as in suspended animation- knock it down? The future of Derby Assembly Rooms is uncertain following a fire nearly 3 years ago. Dithering and delaying with no clear vision.

To the river:


I have said it many times: the River Derwent should be the centre of our city. A symbol of our industrial past. A flowing place attracting people to stop and pause.


Instead it lies largely neglected as it passes through.


I just liked this shot. Chimney pots? Well yes. But a meeting place to swop information- best places for scraps, see you later.


Another abandoned building no one has known what to do with for several years. St Werbergh’s church hasn’t been a church since 1990 but no other use has succeeded since then.



The central library. In sunlight. Likely to become closed. We can’t afford books. Nor their custodians. Another derelict building in the making.


The street is empty. Shops, restaurants closed. Deliveroo delivers so we don’t need to go out.



Dusk. Driving home to the suburbs. Backdrop. Warehouse abandoned, unused. Dithering and delaying.

Earlier this week, my friend @jbboardman made the astute comment that Derby is too small to maintain the city- when one part becomes regenerated, another part slowly dies. Too small and too small minded. Next time, I’ll just go to the Intu Centre.


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