Dear HMRC-a few comments on my contribution.

Dear HMRC,

Thank you so much for sending me a breakdown of how my tax and NI contributions have been spent in 2015-16. I have just a few questions and comments if you don’t mind.

  • I notice that less than £100 has gone towards the cost of the EU. Could I continue to pay this and remain a member of the EU? I personally find this great value for all the benefits membership of the EU gives me and my family. Frankly, I would be prepared to pay a bit more if you like.
  • If this is not possible, I look forward to receiving information as to how much I am contributing to the cost of Brexit over the coming years. I trust that this will be less than the amount I am paying into EU.
  • I notice that the largest sum I pay is towards welfare. I am a strong believer in a generous welfare system but I am concerned that a large proportion of this is being paid to scroungers- to private landlords charging exorbitant rents for substandard housing subsidised through Housing Benefit, to large companies and their shareholders paying low wages via in work benefits. I am sure that you agree we should tackle these scroungers and reduce the bill.
  • Health is another large sum I have contributed to and again, I believe fully in the NHS. I wonder though if you could break down the amount spent? I would like to know how much of my payments went to 1) the profits of private companies who are benefiting from the internal market and 2) the crippling cost of PFI
  • I would be grateful if I could swop the amount I pay for defence (about £450) with the amount I pay for overseas aid (about £100)? I think I would feel safer and better if these sums were reversed.
  • Business and Industry- what does that involve? Hopefully you get some of this money yourselves to adequately pursue tax evasion and avoidance schemes. Perhaps you could even save yourselves some money by bringing the tax regime up to date to take into account the changing nature of work and employment.

There is much more I could say but I realise you must be very busy. Have a great year and I hope you all the best in pursuing the big tax avoiding scroungers.


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