Labour, indyref and brexit- where are the progressive policies?

         “What I would say to all my leftwing friends in Europe: don’t try to fake the          populace,” he said. “Stand for your principles. Be straight. Be pro-refugee. Be pro-European. We’re gaining momentum in the polls. You can stop populism.”Jesse Klaver’s GreenLeft

I listened to Kezia Dugdale on BBC Radio 5live refuse to answer the basic question- “Do you agree with May’s govt. veto of a second independence referendum?”

Could not, would not address the question. Because they are afraid of the instant reaction from broadcast media and social media.

Yet it is perfectly tenable to say-

  • The uk government has no right to say whether there should be a Scotland Independence vote. It is up to the people of Scotland.
  • But we don’t believe a referendum is timely and we will vote against.
  • If the referendum takes place, we will campaign vigorously against independence

But they are scared. And what is missing? Scottish Labour ‘s call for a UK federalism. It is there apparently but hardly being shouted from the roof tops. And to work, surely it has to be supported by UK Labour?

Not a word.

And Brexit. I’d be really happy if someone could explain to me what Labour’s tactics on Brexit are hoping to achieve.

“Stand for your principles.” But what are they?

Is there any one who will stick by a policy of a Federal UK within a federal Europe? A bottom up federation with decisions made at the most appropriate  level….. Not the Labour party, divided on indyref and brexit.

Not the Labour Party, too busy arguing between themselves. Neither wing of the party will work together so that coalition is now dead. Neither wing of the Labour Party can be described as progressive.

If Labour doesn’t unite round a left/centre coalition, become a progressive party and stand against media it will die in the same way as social democrat parties are dying across Europe. Perhaps that would be a good thing.






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