Copenhagen arrival- a short post.

We arrived in Copenhagen on Saturday 8th April in time to discover that the mighty Rams had beaten Birmingham 2-1. We would have arrived in time to follow the match but for a 1 1/2 hr delay to our flight, apparently due to air control problems in France.

The Rams victory is significant for various reasons but I mention it here because we are in Copenhagen as guests of  Danish Derby County fan Keld aka @keld100 . Keld is a regular contributor to the @derbycounty  match day commentary and part of the world wide rams who get together on match days via twitter. He has been over to Derby to a couple of games at Pride Park and we met up for drinks. Subsequently he and his wife were based at our house for a week during their extended visit to the UK. Time for us to pay a return visit.

I intend doing a full post on my return but first a few, random thoughts.

This and subsequent posts will feature bicycles. Lots of them-P1000211

Apparently, Copenhagen has over taken Amsterdam as the most cycle friendly city. One of the reasons might be the recent increase in cycle lane safety


That is the standard width of the cycle lane and other than at junctions, there is also a kerb between cycle lane and road. More on cycling and public transport in detailed blog post…

Ok, derby City Council. About the Guildhall Market…



How about it? Let’s get our act together to create a proper food hall. With bits of this too-P1000254.JPG

It is of course unfair to compare Derby with the capital city of Denmark but I suspect we will carry on doing so for the next couple of days before we move on to Møn….

We are also, inevitably talking about brexit and Stokholm.


In this very European and self confident city I feel very much the Little Englander. And on terrorism and security after the Stockholm attack? I asked Keld if I needed to take my passport as means of identity with me as we went out to celebrate the Rams win. No, of course not.

See my next post- Copenhagen- Re:cycling here



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