Copenhagen re cycling: My next set of thoughts.

As I indicated yesterday, (see post here) it would be impossible to write about a visit to Copenhagen without writing about cycling.  I am not a regular cyclists and frankly do not have the nerve to cycle around Derby. But I think even I could cycle in Copenhagen. As I pointed out yesterday, the cycle paths are wide and separated from the main road by a kerb-


this allows plenty of wobble room. The junctions are clearly shown-


and as far as I can tell, motorists respect cyclists as fellow road users.

And it is easy to get onto the local  S trains as there are separate carriages on each train-


and plenty of space.


And if you worry about getting your bike up the stairs at the station, here’s the solution.


When I see such simple solutions, and an integrated approach like this, I wonder why we don’t seem able to do things like this in England. Is there something about our character or perhaps our politics? I don’t know and perhaps I am just doing us down…



At the bottom of our flats were we are staying there are communal bins: paper, glass, plastic, cardboard,  batteries, garden and domestic. Making recycling, like cycling, easy. Oh and there are the bikes too, unlocked.

And I forgot to mention the tower, The Round Tower.


This 35m tower has no steps-


and apparently hosts the occasional cycle race. Perhaps it makes up for the unchallenging cycling in the city…


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