Copenhagen: yes, I get on a bike.

In yesterday’s post (here) I boldly stated that “I think even I could cycle in Copenhagen.” Our host suggested we should try this theory out so today we tried out the City electric bikes network, Bycyklen.


These electric bikes can be found and left at over 100 locations around the city.  You need to get an account and we chose the pay as you go scheme which allowed 2 users per account and costs 30 krone an hour. (+/- £3.40)



As you can see, the bikes come complete with many useful gizmos though my 2 colleagues had to spend some time discussing the finer points…


but we eventually got underway. The bikes are very heavy which is fine as we are not off racing any where, and it takes a while to get used to the electric motor kicking in.

As I have said, I’m not a natural bike rider but I enjoy it when I do. Normally the idea of cycling in a major city would scare me but I have seen over the last two days that all road users seem to respect each other and their right to get about.

We started out on one of the “green routes”-


but soon got to crossing main roads. It amazed me how quickly I got used to the idea that cars and lorries would readily give way and the whole experience was exhilarating. The down side of course is it isn’t so easy to stop and take pictures, so you’ll have to take my word for it….

Event free we got to Frederiksberg where we parked the bikes and walked round the park.


After our stroll we picked up the bikes again and cycled to the Nørrebro district- a part of the city which is evolving and contains a mix of old residents, students and hipsters and newer migrants. An area guide books might describe as “vibrant.” P1000341

(sorry, not the best picture to illustrate the point but…)

A light lunch-


then it seemed rude not to call in on the local brewery-




A very agreeable drink and occasion with very helpful staff.

Onto the lakes which we hadn’t know existed until Keld took us there.

P1000342These lakes divide the Nørrebo  district from central Copenhagen. We decided not to join the frantic bike commute-


and got the bus and the S train home instead.

I would recommend cycling in Copenhagen even if, like me, you are a rank amateur.


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