Brentford v Derby 2017: a moan-in from Møn.


It was to be our last evening in Denmark after a week in Copenhagen and the island of Møn. We were here at the invitation of Keld and his partner and we were having a great time despite the changeable weather.

Keld is a big Derby fan (@keld100) and it was following the Rams that had brought us all together. So it is not surprising that on that last Friday of our holidays we decided to get onto Ramsplayer, with @derbycounty on twitter to follow the game. I’d envisaged- sitting in the sun, sharing our thoughts with the other #worldwiderams following across the globe, wondering if we could hold onto our lead……

None of that happened of course. (No, I am not blaming the club for the weather……)

It must have been a desolate, desperate experience for the Rams fans who traveled to the game but spare a thought to for those of us following from afar…..

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a contributor to @derbycounty, a dcfc fans account which provides commentary on Rams games. This was started before the Derby Telegraph, radio Derby and dcfc official used twitter in any meaningful way. We have 11,974 followers and a regular group of followers who actively take part in tweeting and reacting to the game. It’s like a small group of friends, in locations across the world, who can nevertheless have a banter with fellow fans.

On Friday, as well as Keld and I in Denmark, there were fans following the game in Ireland, Brisbane, Perth, USA….just think of some of those time zones!

Then the game started. Capitulation. Keld and I are of the same opinion; you should not do down the team during the match, even on twitter. But that left us with nothing to say. There was very little commentary because there was nothing much to comment on. The relative silence on twitter (apart from the sack Rowett,  “x” not fit to wear the shirt comments) spoke volumes.

I will soon be getting ready to go to the pub and then, with a heavy heart, onto Pride Park. Fan groups are already there, bedecking the ground with flags and displays. And my thoughts go to those fans like Keld, dotted around the globe, who will be getting ready to follow the game in lots of different ways, locations and situations.

I hope the players spare them a thought too.




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